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Thank you to the 185 folks who not only helped us reach our goal,

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Indie Go Go Campaign

Hilary's New LA Record: Freight Train Love



Please help fund the release and proper promotion of my new album

recorded with multiple Grammy winners/living legends and help me expand my career!






Flowers On Mars was just selected

American/Folk Album Of The Year by the

 National Traditional Country Music Assoc.




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My Real Identity, My Lost Brother,

My Story

My name is not really Hilary Scott. I thought that might catch your attention. You see, back in 1998, my older brother Scott died of compli-cations due to epilepsy. It was the most deva-stating thing to happen in my life to date. Scott (and also my sister, Heather) shaped a huge part of my involvement in, and appreciation of, music. It was part of his every day life, as it was for my entire family, and Scott introduced me to the more "rebellious" side of music, which I think ultimately helped lead to my desire to create my own songs. When Scott died 16 years ago, I adopted his first name as my performance name, because then he would be with me, and my music, wherever we went. It was the best personal tribute I could think of.

I had no idea that around 2005 or so, when I had already been Hilary Scott for 7 years, had a web presence, and a large Midwest following, and was gaining exposure everywhere with 4 or 5 albums to my name that Hillary Scott with "2 L's" would start cropping up in a soon-to-be quite popular country group called Lady Antebellum. I had no idea people would ever confuse us, but eh...it happens.......




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