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Flowers On Mars
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Hilary Scott — Flowers On Mars
Release date : Dec. 01, 2013
Label : Belltown Records, Inc.
  1. Flowers On Mars
  2. Help
  3. Get Your Love
  4. Sacrifice


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Flowers On Mars was awarded the 2014 Americana/Folk Album of the Year by the Rural Roots Music Commission.

“With her new EP, “Flowers on Mars,” singer-songwriter Hilary Scott has embraced the elusive, making one of her dreams a reality — quite literally.”  Aarik Danielsen, Columbia Daily Tribune

“Flowers On Mars”

Aarik Danielsen of the Columbia Daily Tribune, has this to say about “Flowers On Mars”…

“Flowers on Mars” not only displays the creative exchange between Scott and Gennaro but presents a narrative on love and loss and loving again. Rather than hold the songs back for a later LP, Scott sensed the tracks belonged together and were “screaming to be recorded,” she said. In just four moves, she takes the listener on a journey “from rejection of love, to a cry for understanding and a desire to be forgiven, to confidently pursuing love, to accepting the beauty and complication that is a relationship,” she said. Similarly, the record allows for big, buoyant moments, as well as intricate, intense sounds. “Get Your Love” features a full-size sound Scott is clearly proud of; the cut weds a twinkling, tinkling toy piano melody to a propulsive drumbeat that leads the song to drink from soulful streams. With its mandolin countermelodies and churning rhythms, “Help” leans to the folk side of pop. The title cut grows from a lovely, lilting intro, boasting a rich hook, which Scott lays over a piano-driven promenade. “Sacrifice” captures an unfettered sound, with Scott moving around syllables with grace and ease, even yodeling, all while the soundtrack swells and culminates in spry, driving rhythms. All the material is unified by Scott’s vocals, which grow richer and lovelier as time passes. She said she continues “to discover” and “extend” her lower range, a discovery displayed to great effect and delight here. She tamps more soul and character into a single note or run than most, and “Flowers on Mars” is yet another declaration of her ability.”

On This 10.5″ Vinyl Album
    Musicians:  Hilary Scott – vocals, keyboard, guitar, AJ Gennaro – drums, percussion
    All songs written by Hilary Scott (Hilary Helm) ASCAP
    Arrangements:  Hilary Scott
    Recorded and Mixed:  Sawhorse Studies, Saint Louis, MO
    Mastered:  Blue Jade Audio Mastering, Saint Louis, M
CD Art:  Jared Rourke, Saint Louis, MO