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In a newly-published review of “Kaleidoscope” Antony Bailey of Country Music International Magazine has this to say:  ” …This eclectic record takes influence from a diverse range of musical genres and transcends a variety of styles. After its initial release in 2021 with Belltown Records and Wilderside Productions the record is still receiving many appraisals from country listeners stationed around the world…Be sure to download this E.P to the playlist as it is sure to add a bit more spice and flavour to the musical palette.”  Check out the full review… click HERE  

Spotify playlist add!   Essential Indie Music Women (“an eclectic playlist of indie music women artists across all genres”) added Hilary Scott’s “Just A Shame” from her new album Kaleidoscope.  Click HERE!

So many great reviews are pouring in!  Music Morsels says:  “The songwriting is as interesting a mosaic as Hilary’s voice itself with the often lush vibes sprinkled in with just the right doses of edginess and sporadic forays into R&Bish throbs. The lyrics are heartfelt and often topical, completing this delicious feast.”

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Kaleidoscope Release Date:  June 25, 2021

“Just A Shame”

Kaleidoscope is an exciting and eclectic album that delights the listener with four songs that are the product of a songwriting collaboration project between Hilary Scott (Hilary Renee Helm) and other high-caliber talent; plus the international-award-winning song Hilary wrote for her husband. Kaleidoscope showcases Hilary Scott’s distinctive voice (described by Italian producer Euro Ferrari as “absolutely extraordinary in its emotional greatness”), Matthew Wilder’s exceptional production talent, and the genius of the songwriters: Hilary Scott, Matthew Wilder, and legends Angela Kaset (“Something In Red”) and John Goodwin (co-writer of songs for the movie Crazy Heart).  For more information:  Kaleidoscope

Hobo On The Tracks (UK):  “Kaleidoscope is a sultry, soothing, incredibly sexy, exciting and eclectic album from Hilary Scott.  Beautifully produced  by Matthew Wilder (who also adds into the mix backing vocals, guitars, keys and drum programming) the songs here soar and swoop, fly high and produce a powerful blend of Americana…….Mind’s blown – what a great EP this is…”

JP’s Music Blog “… beginning with the stellar, laid-back Americana/pop groove of “Just A Shame,” as you will easily fall in love with Hilary Scott’s warming vocals.”

Ian D. Hall, Liverpool Sound and Vision:  “A set of songs that are pleasing, controlled and adventurous, Hilary Scott has offered another side to the tale of her life, and it is bountiful.”

Stefan Meekers, Keys and Chords“With a fresh approach, she introduces us to that eclectic musical landscape. And her sultry voice intonation is the common thread through the songs. Great stuff..!”

Chris Spector, Midwest Record:  “Scott shows she adapts well to any environment. These tracks could easily fit onto any contemporary, youthful play list.”

The Grateful Web posts “The eclectic nature of what she writes, and her willingness to explore diverse genres and not lock herself into one style is what sets Hilary Scott apart. Kaleidoscope is the perfect showcase for these talents.”

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Almost Home Single  (a track from the new Kaleidoscope album)

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Almost Home (2020 Remix, Remaster) single

Almost Home (2020 Remix, Remaster) was #9 in the NACC’s Top Singles list in its May 18th update to its charts for both streams and downloads by reporting stations!

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Hilary Scott

Hilary Scott

“Hilary Scott with one L” has received rave reviews in national and international publications and won multiple awards for her aurally lush and lyrically significant music. Her voice has been described as “absolutely extraordinary in its emotional greatness” (producer Euro Ferrari).  In addition to her beautiful voice, Hilary Scott is an accomplished singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist (piano/keys, guitar and violin).  Joe Montague of Riveting Riffs sums it up, when he writes: “Hilary Scott is a secret that has been kept from too many for far too long.

“Not to be confused with the two “L” Hillary Scott from Lady Antebellum, Hilary Scott has carved her own name into today’s Americana scene with a breathlessly intoxicating voice and a knack for creating catchy, emotional, and subtly edgy songs.”  Mark E Waterbury, Music Morsels

A prolific songwriter, Hilary Scott has released a dozen albums.  She has been featured in No Depression, Country Music News International, Maverick Magazine, Billboard and more.  And as Aarik Danielsen of the Columbia Daily Tribune notes, “Amid a mélange of time zones, international date lines, languages and suitcases, Scott has earned the trust of her audiences through the power of her soulful voice…” 

After the pandemic of 2020 affected the work of so many musicians including Scott herself, 2021 sees the release of a new album, Kaleidoscope, a work Scott describes as “a record that gathers together and honors the various colors of an eclectic musical landscape of different styles, genres and snapshots in time.” Kaleidoscope tracks include four co-written songs (produced in a songwriting project with three other songwriters including Matthew Wilder and songwriting legends Angela Kaset and John Goodwin). The tracks on this album range in style from movie soundtrack ballad to dance club surprise, and one song that won the International section of the Festival Degli Autori songwriting competition in Sanremo, Italy.  Kaleidoscope will be released on June 25th.

For more information about Hilary Scott, read About Hilary Scott, and visit Venues.   For more information about Hilary Scott’s name, read My Story.

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