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 For those persons looking to send messages to the female lead singer of the group, Lady Antebellum, regarding the group’s name change Our artist’s performance name was derived from her first name (Hilary); and to honor her brother who passed away from complications of epilepsy she chose his first name (Scott) as her last name.  Hilary Scott is a registered trademark of our artist.  She began writing, performing and recording several years before the existence of the band Lady Antebellum.  To direct your comments to the female singer in that band, you would need to spell her first name with 2 letter “l”s, rather than just one. 

While you are on our artist’s website, check out her music.  Enjoy!

To all of our fans..stay safe!  We love you!


Read what reviewers are saying about Don’t Call Me Angel!

“Every inch a big time record, this soulful collection is so from the heart you can feel her pulse in the grooves.  Killer stuff from one of the brightest lights in Americana”.  Chris Spector, Midwest Record

“…Hilary Scott’s place is assured in the pantheon of musicians and song-writers…this album is jam packed full of creatively beautiful songs.”  Ian D. Hall, Liverpool Sound and Vision

“Quite simply, it’s one of the best old school Americana heartbreakers I’ve heard this year. The rest of the album’s pretty damn fine too.”  Mike Davies,“Hilary – in the company of her ‘tour band,’ has self-produced an inspired and vibrant album that can be placed alongside the great female voices of American song, from Carole King to Karla Bonoff”Remo Ricaldone in Planet Country Italy

“Not to be confused with the two “L” Hillary Scott from Lady Antebellum, Hilary Scott has carved her own name into today’s Americana scene with a breathlessly intoxicating voice and a knack for creating catchy, emotional, and subtly edgy songs.”
  Mark E Waterbury, Music Morsels

Don't Call Me Angel

Read the full reviews of the album in the news items below or in REVIEWS.  In Discography, you can read more about the album and listen to several of the tracks.  The album is available from our Store.

About Hilary Scott

Hilary Scott is a multiple award-winning singer-songwriter who brings her unique brand of melodic and lyrically memorable songs to audiences nationally and internationally.  Euro Ferrari, renowned for his work in all genres and with famous artists (Clapton, Sting, Pavarotti) all over the world, when speaking of Hilary Scott and her music said:  “…Hilary Scott writes and sings in a way that creates a fascinating and intimate world, and it is enough for her to utilize only a whisper to raise deep emotions in the listener, her voice is absolutely extraordinary in its emotional greatness… it would be difficult for her pop/country style not to enter deep into the heart, in every way.”

Chuck Dauphin, in his November 6, 2014 Billboard article, writes “Wait a minute — we know you’re thinking. That’s Hilary with one L.”  His article helps to clear up any confusion with the female Antebellum singer through his interview of Hilary Scott, when she explains, “I chose my performance name back in 1999 or 2000 when my brother passed away. His name was Scott. That was before I recorded my first album. By the time I started hearing about Hillary Scott from Lady Antebellum, I had already had a couple of albums out under that name and had a website going.”   Read the full Billboard article hereFor more information about Hilary Scott, read About Hilary Scott, and for more information about Hilary Scott’s name, read My Story.

Don’t Call Me Angel Official Video

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Hilary Scott and AJ Gennaro
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