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Hilary Scott signs with Lou DeMarco of Momentary Love Management

Hilary Scott is pleased to announce that she has signed with Lou DeMarco of Momentary Love Management.  Lou’s music industry background includes working for a record label, and experience as a radio host, booking agent and host of many shows and concerts by well-known artists.  She is very excited to be working with him.

Lou says,

“To be good at anything you have to love what you do. I’ve always had a passion for music and I’ve always loved discovering fresh talent. To me, there’s nothing quite as thrilling as telling friends about a musician for the very first time.”

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March Touring Schedule – including SXSW

March Touring Dates!

Check out our March touring dates.  Hope to see you at a show!

Details can be found on this website at TOURS

March 12th KPFT Wide Open Spaces
March 12th Anderson Fair, Houston
March 14th Shipping and Receiving, Fort Worth
March 15th Opening Bell, Dallas
March 18th Dog and Pony Show, SXSW, Opal Devine’s Penn Field
March 19th Grand Ole Austin Showcase, SXSW, Maria’s Taco Xpress
March 20th Hometone Records Showcase, SXSW, Maggie Mae’s
March 27th appearance on Fox 2 TV St. Louis
March 27th Chateau la Vin
March 28th Off Broadway St. Louis

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