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Bob Everhart, Country Music News International reviews Hilary Scott’s “Don’t Call Me Angel”

Bob Everhart, President of the National Traditional Country Music Association for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show
in his review of Hilary Scott’s Don’t Call Me Angel has this to say about the album:

“Love the introducing acoustic guitar sound on this terrific CD.  Hilary has that kind of Emmylou Harris voice that has the vibrato just right as she presents songs she has written… She’s very convincing in what she is saying viz-a-viz a lovely singing voice.  My expertise is with traditional and classic country music, however when I was younger, I had a backing band similar to what I’m hearing behind Hilary’s lovely voice.  That’s a ‘memory’ trip for me, what a pleasant one it is… Thank you so much for sharing your music with me Hilary… I can best close my review with a statement from your publicity sheet… “Hilary uses her voice and her sense of hope, humor, and a lot of soul, to shine a light on the beauty found in humanism in each and every track.”

Bob Everhart’s full review can be read HERE

Don't Call Me Angel

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Radio! Radio! Radio! 67 stations are playing Don’t Call Me Angel!

Powderfinger Promotions

Powderfinger Promotions most recent report was exciting! 

In addition to charting on AMA (#217 this week, up from #222 last week), there are now 67 stations playing Don’t Call Me Angel, with 15 more having added it to their playlist and 6 have it under review!  Check out the radio stations below.  If one of these is a favorite of yours, we’d love it if you’d request tracks from Don’t Call Me Angel!

Playing Don’t Call Me Angel
KC Cafe Radio – Kansas city
KOPN – Columbia MO
Front Range Radio – Monument CO
Midwest Review 957.mac
Americana Boogie Radio – Salem OR,
KAFM – Grand Junction CO
KAOS – Olympia WA
WVIA – Pittston PA
KFAI – Minneapolis MN
KPFT – Houston TX
KTUH – Honolulu HI
WAWM-SD – West Allis WI
WEFT – Champaign IL
WETS – Johnson City TN
WHUS – Storrs CT
WKKL – Barnstable, MA
WRFR – Rockland ME
KBBI – Homer, AK
KDUR – Durango, CO
KGLT – Bozeman, MT
KMUD – Redway, CA
KUGS – Bellingham WA
KVNF – Paonia CO
KZMU – Moab UT
WBFO – Buffalo NY
WCNI – New London, CT
WERU – E. Orland ME
WFHB – Bloomington IN
WGFR – Queensbury NY
WIUV – Castleton VT
WMEB – Orono ME
WMNF – Tampa FL
WMSC – Montclair NJ
WSCA – Portsmouth NH
WUMF – Farmington, ME
WXCI – Ridgefield CT
CFCR – Saskatoon SA
KBUT – Crested Butte CO
KDEC – Decorah IA
KDNK – Carbondale CO
KEUL – Girdwood AK
KHNS – Haines AK
KHSU – Arcata, CA
KMUW – Wichita KS
KPUR – Forest Grove OR
KRCC – Colorado Springs CO
KRFC – Fort Collins CO
KRSC – Claremore OK
KRVS – Lafayette, LA
KUMD – Duluth MN
KVMR – Nevada City CA
KWMR – Point Reyes Station CA
KXCI – Tucson AZ
Semi-Twang/KUBU – Sacramento CA
WIKD – Daytona Beach FL
WLIG – New York NY
WMHW – Mt. Pleasant MI
WMSR – Auburn AL
WNMC – Traverse City MI
WOJB – Hayward WI
WOMR – Provincetown MA
WORT – Madison, WI
WRCT – Pittsburgh PA
WRUV – Burlington VT
WUML – Lowell MA
WWUH – West Hartford CT
WXCI – Ridgefield CT

Additional “Adds”
CFUV – Victoria BC
CKUA – Edmonton AB
KES Radio
KRCL – Salt Lake City UT
KUSH – Cushing OK
WAWL – Chattanooga TN
WMBR – Cambridge MA
WUSM – Hattiesburg MS
WUSO – Springfield OH
WUTC – Chattanooga TN
KFMG – Des Moines IA
KKCR – Princeville HI
WGCS – Goshen, IN
WHFR – Dearborn MI
WRKC – Wilkes-Barre PA

In Review
KCSN – Northridge CA
Ocean Beach Radio – Newport OR
WDBX – Carbondale IL
WGLT – Normal IL
WRGP – Miami FL
WWOZ – New Orleans LA

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Michael Doherty’s Music Log – a fantastic new review of Hilary Scott’s “Don’t Call Me Angel” album

Hilary Scott’s new album, Don’t Call Me Angel, just received a fantastic review by Michael Doherty on his Michael Doherty’s Music Log.  Here is the review in its entirety…WOW!

Michael Doherty’s Music Log

Sharing my love of music

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Hilary Scott: “Don’t Call Me Angel” (2018) CD Review

Hilary Scott is a singer and songwriter working largely in the country and folk realm. Her newest release, Don’t Call Me Angel, however, has a good deal of soul added to her sound. This album contains mostly original material, written by Hilary Scott, songs that are emotionally engaging. Hilary Scott plays piano, acoustic guitar and ukulele on this release. Joining her are AJ Gennaro on drums and percussion; Josh Schilling on bass, electric guitar and ukulele; Johnny Lee Schell on guitar and mandolin; and Mike Finnigan on organ.

Don’t Call Me Angel opens with its title track, one of the album’s best songs. This is a beautiful song that features some excellent lyrics, such as these lines: “I’ve got more than dust on me/And plenty mistakes to my name.” Those are the lines that immediately stood out and pulled me in. “Don’t call me angel…I never looked good in white.” That’s followed by “Not Used To Being Used To,” which has quite a different feel right from the start with the piano and the finger snaps. There is a lot of soul to Hilary’s vocal performance here, and a joy to her blues. “I’m not used to being used to being treated so well/Honey, you took my hand and led me straight out of hell.” This is a really strong track.

On “Make It Right,” Hilary Scott delivers a gorgeous vocal performance that has an intimate feel at first and then builds from there. Check out these lines: “You know how to make it painless when you hit the ground/You know when it’s just not worth the fight/You know how to do wrong and make it right.” Not bad, eh? This song also features some nice work on keys, and is one of my favorites of the album. “Heartless” also has an intimate vibe and builds to become a powerful song. These are the lines that open this one: “I washed most of my makeup clean/Just a few lipstick stains/And though now it’s just plain old me/A bit of you still remains.” But perhaps my favorite lines are these: “You brought me a paper bouquet/And it won’t die, but the colors will fade.” This track also features more good stuff on keys.

I love the soulful, moving songs on this album, like “Moon And Back,” which begins with piano and vocals, and slowly, beautifully builds from there. “It seems like such a long ride/So can you stop it now.” Oh god, there is something heartbreaking about those lines, particularly as they feel to not be just about a relationship, but about some of the harsher things in life, or life itself. “Sometimes the choices we make/They make it seem there’s no escape/Where would I go anyway?/Just a lonely fall through space.” This song itself takes us on a ride, and ultimately raises our spirits, letting hope and optimism return. That’s followed by “In Time,” which has a pretty folk sound on guitar. “Do you always say there’s tomorrow/Do you always think I’ll change my mind/What if you never get the chance in time.” This one gets its hooks in me immediately. “Did you forget there is no promise/Did you forget love is all we have?” There is something delicate in her delivery at times, something that feels ephemeral, which is so fitting for lines like “’Cause everything in passes in time.”

The album’s sole cover is a rendition of Prince’s “Kiss.” Since Prince’s untimely death in 2016 (the worst year), I’ve heard several folk artists cover this one. Hilary Scott’s version is somewhat mellow, and quite a bit different from other renditions I’ve heard. She changes the lyrics to “You don’t have to be rich/To be my boy/Don’t have to be cool/To bring me joy.” She also changes “You don’t have to watch Dynasty” to “You don’t have to watch bad TV.” A comment on Dynasty, or simply an update for those somehow unfamiliar with that 1980s program? (Though didn’t they recently remake that show for some reason?) The album then concludes with “Here I Am,” another track with a good amount of soul. I love how this one opens with the line “I am a mess.” No hiding there, eh? “I never dreamed you could change my whole world/With a smile and the touch of your hand/You have my heart and you won’t let it go/You know I can’t stop, here I am.”

CD Track List

  1. Don’t Call Me Angel
  2. Not Used To Being Used To
  3. You Will Be Mine
  4. Make It Right
  5. Heartless
  6. Unlove Story
  7. Moon And Back
  8. In Time
  9. Kiss
  10. Here I Am

Don’t Call Me Angel was released on October 12, 2018 on Belltown Records.

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