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Wonderful review of Kaleidoscope by Country Music News International Magazine’s Antony Bailey

Wonderful review of Kaleidoscope by Country Music News International Magazine’s Antony Bailey

Track Listing:   1.  Just A Shame; 2.  Almost Home; 3. Too Much Is Not Enough; 4. And Just; 5: Free Country


“Hilary Scott wrote an award-winning single for her husband titled ‘Kaleidoscope’ and has since released an E.P of the same title. This eclectic record takes influence from a diverse range of musical genres and transcends a variety of styles. After its initial release in 2021 with Belltown Records and Wilderside Productions. The record is still receiving many appraisals from country listeners stationed around the world.

The first track on the album is titled ‘Just A Shame’. The song begins with a strong pulse and groove that is locked in with the bass to push the tempo within the framework of a common meter. The dynamics take a slight dip to accommodate for Scott’s vocals in the first verse before increasing again for the chorus.

‘Almost Home’ is the second song to appear on the E.P. The tempo is reduced slightly as it helps to create more suspense and tension in the music. The reverb helps the vocals soar, yet it creates an eerily sobering reality combined with a sense of uncertainty that nobody knows what is just around the corner.

The next record is called ‘Too Much Is Not Enough’ and it contains soothing guitar riffs and vocal melodies with help the listener to feel a sense of enthusiasm and inspiration to be strong and keep going. ‘And Just’ commences with a deep bass line and reverb on the intimate vocal melody producing a sense of tension and uncertainty for the listener. Lyrics such as ‘’Once they don’t know who you are / Get through the day, breathe in, breathe out’’ reaffirms those thoughts.

The final track titled ‘Free Country’ lends an R’n’B musical rhythm and structure that drifts into a salsa-inspired piano melody. This E.P is ultimately a celebration of music that brings together a diverse range of musical styles and genres from the western popular music world. ‘’it’s a free country’’ is repeated throughout the chorus as the crescendo building E.P reaches its conclusion.

Be sure to download this E.P to the playlist as it is sure to add a bit more spice and flavour to the musical palette.”

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