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LA Music Critic names Hilary Scott as Best Country Artist

LA Music Critic

Indie Voice Blog’s LA Music Critic has named Hilary Scott as Best Country Artist of the second half of 2018!!

LA Music Critic created the LA Music Critic Awards back in 2012 to honor and recognize some of the impressive talent currently on the indie music scene.  The awards are given out twice a year in January and July.  In addition, the Icon Award is given out each June at the LA Music Critic Award Winners Showcase in Los Angeles.

Bob Leggett says:

What a year this has been.  We have been overwhelmed with the quality of music created by indie artists in 2018, and by the public support of their craft.  This cycle of nominations has generated 745 comments and 5,366 views from 63 countries, 23 of which generated at least 10 views each.  In addition, our blog has been viewed a total of 8,826 times since the nominations were announced on December 7.  We are so proud of each and every artist and their fans and thank you sincerely for this accomplishment.”

LA Music Critic Announcement

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KC Cafe’ Radio reports that tracks from “Don’t Call Me Angel” made their top 10 charts for every week in November

KC Cafe' Radio

KC Cafe’ Radio reports that tracks from Hilary Scott’s new album, Don’t Call Me Angel, made their top 10 charts for the month of December!  Thank you, KC Cafe’ Radio!

December 3, 2018 – “Don’t Call Me Angel” #8

December 10, 2018 – “Heartless”  #9

December 17, 2018 – “Moon And Back”   #9

December 24, 2018 – “Don’t Call Me Angel”   #6

December 31, 2018 – “Don’t Call Me Angel”   #6

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E2TG – Ear To The Ground Music gives an Earie Award to “Kiss”

Don't Call Me Angel

E2TG – Ear To The Ground Music gives an Earie Award to Hilary Scott’s “Kiss” in their December 21, 2018 E2TG Earie Awards blog.  E2TG has this to say,
“Kiss” by Hilary Scott

I am so far out of touch with mainstream country/pop music that I didn’t even though(sic) that their was another Hillary Scott (two l’s) until I started search YouTube for videos. Anyway, Hilary Scott (with one ‘l’) made one of my favorite albums of the year, Don’t Call Me Angel… And yes, this is a great cover of the Prince song.”

Link:  Earie award

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Don’t Call Me Angel makes Berlin’s Radio Skala’s playlist – December 2nd

Radio Skala heading

Radio Skala, Berlin, reports that the track “Kiss” from Hilary Scott’s Don’t Call Me Angel album
made their Americana playlist for December 2nd!

Check it out here

(Screen shot below)

Radio Skala - Playlist Dec 1 2018


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