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Country Jukebox reviews Hilary Scott’s new album, Kaleidoscope


Read the full review in English HERE

Max Achatz of Country Jukebox – Jukebox Roundup says:

“The lady from the American Northwest has a broad background, a lot to tell and also many talents: the multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter HILARY SCOTT (with an “L” and not to be confused with Hillary Scott of the country band Lady A)”  

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Hobo On The Tracks (UK) – Terrific new review of Kaleidoscope!


Just in!  This terrific review of Kaleidoscope by Hobo On The Tracks (UK)

Kaleidoscope is a sultry, soothing, incredibly sexy, exciting and eclectic album from Hilary Scott.

Beautifully produced  by Matthew Wilder (who also adds into the mix backing vocals, guitars, keys and drum programming) the songs here soar and swoop, fly high and produce a powerful blend of Americana. 

The four co-written songs with the group – Gary Lunn on bass, Jerry Kimbrough on guitars, and Lonnie Wilson on drums – and one song added that Scott penned on her own, And Just which won an award in the Festival Degli Autori songwriting competition in Sanremo, Italy really showcases  Scott’s beautifully lush and sultry vocals. My favourite is the opener Just a Shame but that will change tomorrow as every track is just downright ace

And back to that word eclectic… Well the final track Free Country is a bona fide dance track straight out of the Beyoncé handbook.

Mind’s blown – what a great EP this is…

Hobo On The Tracks


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JP’s Music Blog reviews “Kaleidoscope”


JP’s Music Blog has reviewed Hilary Scott’s new album (release date June 25, 2021) and has this to say:

Multi-instrumentalist Hilary Scott is preparing the release of her new five-song EP titled “Kaleidoscope,” which be available on June 25th through Belltown Records. Scott has worked and performed alongside some of the greats, like Chuck Berry, Tanya Tucker, Bonnie Raitt and Little Feat. Hilary’s new release dates back to 2007, when she was invited to participate in a songwriting project with producer Matthew Wilder and songwriters John Goodwin and Angela Kaset. The results are featured on four of the songs on this new release, beginning with the stellar, laid-back Americana/pop groove of “Just A Shame,” as you will easily fall in love with Hilary Scott’s warming vocals. Scott’s backing band perfectly matches her vocal range on “Almost Home,” before delivering a funkier rhythm on the mainstream-driven rock of “Too Much Is Not Enough.” She wraps up her short new release with her own original-penned, country-style ballad “And Just,” along with the R&B vibe of “Free Country,” which finds Hilary Scott stepping out of her comfort zone. To find out more about Hilary Scott and her latest release “Kaleidoscope,” please visit
Read JP’s post HERE


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Ian D Hall, Liverpool Sound and Vision has this to say about Kaleidoscope!


Ian D. Hall says:  “… for the exceptional Hilary Scott, her latest E.P. is one in which the combination of her vision, working alongside one of the finest producers around, the ability to push beyond one’s comfort zone is of paramount success and a realisation that there are no boundaries in any artistic pursuit….A set of songs that are pleasing, controlled and adventurous, Hilary Scott has offered another side to the tale of her life, and it is bountiful.”

Read Ian D Hall’s full review HERE

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Rootstime Belgium reviews Kaleidoscope!


KG Music Press reports that Rootstime Belgium has reviewed Kaleidoscope, and they have this to say:



“The global corona pandemic has meant that we have all had to find an alternative solution to meaningfully spend the unexpected and far too long isolation period. It was a big problem for musicians that they could no longer do performances, which meant that they lost contact with their audience. On the other hand, the ample surplus of time also offered opportunities to intensively compose and come up with new songs and / or a new record.


Singer Hilary Scott – her real name is Hilary Renee Helm, but she chose the name Scott after the sudden death of her eponymous brother – is from Harstine Island, Washington, and she has used that abundance of free time to recreate five of her older songs. to be recorded in a remastered and remixed version that she collected on the EP “Kaleidoscope”, which will be released at the end of June 2021.


She has already recorded and released a dozen albums in recent years, so it was not that difficult to select five songs from the wide range of songs for this mini album. Hilary Scott is a classically trained instrumentalist who can play piano, keyboards, guitar and violin and with her sweet-voiced voice she also has no problem singing her self-composed songs. Producer Matt Wilder co-wrote four of the five songs and also played on guitars and piano for this record recording, while Gary Lunn on bass, Jerry Kimbrough on guitars and Lonnie Wilson on drums for additional instrumentation in the Nashville recording studio and Franklin, Tennessee have taken care of it.


The five songs that were revisited for this record are four songs composed for the first time in 2011 by Hilary Scott together with Matthew Wilder, John Goodwin and Angela Kaset for a songwriting project: “Just A Shame”, “Almost Home”, ” Too Much Is Not Enough “and” Free Country “. The fifth track is the song “And Just”, dating back to 2010, which is our favorite song from this album and which won several “awards” in 2010. Finally, a little fun fact: Hilary Scott writes her name with one “L” to make the distinction between her and the two “LL” -beared Hillary Scott, the singer with the American country band “Lady Antebellum” from Nashville.”

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Grateful Web posts article about Hilary Scott’s new EP, “Kaleidoscope”


Grateful Web posts this about Hilary Scott’s new EP, Kaleidoscope!

“Multi-instrumentalist Hilary Scott (with one ‘L’) has opened for Tanya Tucker, Chuck Berry, and Little Feat (joining them on stage for “Dixie Chicken”) and has also recorded with Bonnie Raitt’s musicians. Known for her soulful, bluesy, roots style, long-time fans may be surprised by her new record, Kaleidoscope. The newest release takes her into a pop-rock vein with 4 of the songs being co-written in Nashville during a songwriting project.  To quote the liner notes, “Kaleidoscope is a record that gathers together and honors the various colors of an eclectic musical landscape of different styles, genres, snapshots in time…”

In 2007, when Nashville producer Matthew Wilder invited Scott, along with John Goodwin and Angela Kaset to participate in a songwriting project, she jumped at the chance.  Kaset was with Ten Ten music group for years and wrote Lorrie Morgan’s big hit, “Something in Red” and she also wrote songs for Suzy Boggus, Wynonna Judd, and Elaine Page to name a few. John Goodwin co-wrote multiple songs from the soundtrack for the movie “Crazy Heart” with Jeff Bridges.

“I wasn’t used to writing with others; for me songwriting had always been a personal love affair,” confessed Scott. “ Because this album was a co-writing and publishing project, I didn’t approach it in the same way as all of my other albums, which often were about processing thoughts, feelings and experiences in my life at the time of the songwriting.  I came to this project with some chord progressions I liked, as well as some ‘moods’ or concepts, but much of what went on in my mind was excitement over exploring ideas with other songwriters.”

The result was Kaleidoscope, 4 co-written songs with the group and 1 song added that Scott penned on her own, “And Just” which won an award in the Festival Degli Autori songwriting competition in Sanremo, Italy.  Scott’s beautifully lush and sultry vocals are a thread throughout the recording with Wilder and Goodwin adding backing vocals to several tracks. Wilder also contributed to guitars, keys and drum programming and the band consisted of Nashville heavy hitters– Gary Lunn on bass, Jerry Kimbrough on guitars, and Lonnie Wilson on drums.

“Just A Shame” was written by Scott and Wilder from the perspective of reflection on personal heartbreak.  Scott’s sultry vocals add to the poignancy of the lyrics; “Let me thank you for this pain | Even if we loved in vain | I wish we could be the same | Instead of being just a shame”.

“Almost Home” is a co-write with Kaset and Wilder.  The writers wanted the lyrics and music itself to pull the listener into a dreamy world that makes them feel they are falling in love for the first time. “Hold me close | Breathe me in | ‘Cause I’m right here where I’ve always been | You’re almost home, home, home”.

“Too Much Is Not Enough” was written with Goodwin and Wilder.  It’s an analogy for getting the most out of life no matter where you’ve been before.  Scott notes, “Matt had a great time playing with effects on this one to give it a more rock feel.”

The most personal song on the album, “And Just” was written by Scott in 2010  for her now-husband, AJ and was recorded by renowned Italian producer, Euro Ferrari.  “Euro producing the track was my award for winning the international section of the Festival Degli Autori,” she explains. “I got to stay in a cabin on his property outside of Rome.  He loved to cook and would surprise me and other guests with delicious pastas and his favorite liqueurs. One night Euro told stories well into the small hours about celebrities as diverse as Sting, Pavarotti, and Bjork.  It was an unforgettable night.  I felt like a member of the glitterati.”

The EP ends with “Free Country” which was written by Scott, Wilder and Goodwin.  “I had never done anything remotely approaching a dance song before in my life, so this song definitely took me the farthest out from my comfort zone,” she admits. “Matt, John and I were like three goofy kids, bouncing from lyrical idea to idea. Whisper-singing, singing in Spanish, and stretching my range a bit more were all incredibly fun elements to explore while we were recording, and the instrumentation layers are fantastically fun and unique, in particular the horn section.”

The global pandemic gave Scott the chance to revisit the songs on Kaleidoscope. “The songs represent a risk I took,” she explains. “I was exploring genres that were well outside my norm at the time.”  The 4 songs were originally recorded in 2011 by Wilder in his Wilderside studio and were re-mastered (with 2 being re-mixed) by Wilder in 2020.  “We’ve approached them with fresh ears and they feel almost as if we could have written them in 2020,” said Scott.

“My life in music has been a process of following my passion from one opportunity to the next,” said Scott. “The thought of stopping never occurred to me, because the enjoyment, the reasons for doing the music have always been there. I feel really satisfied by the things that have organically come my way.”

The eclectic nature of what she writes, and her willingness to explore diverse genres and not lock herself into one style is what sets Hilary Scott apart. Kaleidoscope is the perfect showcase for these talents.
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