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Colorado Springs Independent – “Hilary Scott Gets The Balance Right”

Colorado Springs Independent

Bill Kopp of the Colorado Springs Independent interviewed Hilary Scott in advance of her show at Zodiac Venue at 9 PM on January 20th.   Bill Kopp writes, …”Scott put those skills together in support of Freight Train Love, a 2014 Indiegogo-funded album that features musicians who’ve played with the likes of Bonnie Raitt, Lyle Lovett and Lucinda Williams. One of the premiums that Scott offered was a written-to-order song. “And it ended up being a very large portion of the funds that we raised,” she says. “I think I had 23 different individuals who paid for an original song or a cover!”

The songwriting prompts were often nothing more than a key word, phrase or theme; from there, Scott was left to her own creative devices to write a song. “It’s ended up being a great writing exercise,” says Scott…”I push myself outside of the stories I might ordinarily want to tell, whatever autobiographical things I want to write about…”

To read the full article, click HERE.     For more information about the show, visit:

Hilary Scott and AJ Gennaro

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Aarik Danielsen of the Columbia Daily Tribune calls Hilary Scott an “artist to watch”

Columbia Daily Tribune

In his article, “MO Fest Field Guide”, Aarik Danielsen of the Columbia Daily Tribune writes,

Artist to watch: Scott. Don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. That’s probably how local music lovers feel about Scott, whose supple voice and effortless sound were a given in Missouri for so long. It’s a true pleasure to hear an old favorite and see how her work has been affected by recent miles and milestones.”

Hilary Scott and AJ Gennaro

For the full article, click HERE

Hilary Scott will be performing at the Missouri Folk Fest on January 14th at The Blue Note at 7:30 PM

For More information, click HERE


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The Kansas City Star says this about Hilary Scott

“Longtime Missouri resident Hilary Scott, who recently relocated to Seattle, focuses on a rustic form of country-steeped music. Scott’s beguiling cover of Nicolette Larson’s 1978 pop hit “Lotta Love” is a highlight of her 10th album, “Freight Train Love,” a recording that also touches on pop, folk and blues. With Brandon Estelle.”

Hilary Scott appears at 8 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 12. The Gospel Lounge at Knuckleheads. 816-483-1456. $10 in advance.

Hilary Scott

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“Award-winning singer to play Roseville café” – Matt Whitely writes about Hilary Scott in the Roseville Press-Tribune

Roseville Press Tribune

In advance of Hilary Scott’s show at the Acoutic Den Cafe’ in Roseville on November 4th, Matt Whitely of the Roseville Press-Tribune recently interviewed Hilary Scott.  The show starts at 7:30, $10 admission.  Matt writes:

“While the name Hilary Scott might at first conjure images of the “other” Hillary Scott, lead singer of the band Lady Antebellum, the former is a rising country music star in her own right – a YouTube sensation and award-winning creator of the Rural Roots Music Commission’s Folk Album of the Year “Flowers from Mars.”

Scott has toured extensively across America, Europe and Asia promoting her most recent album, “Freight Train Love,” recorded with Johnny Lee Schell. Her song, “And Just,” took the award for best song at the Festival Degli Autori international division, in Sanremo, Italy.

The Press Tribune caught up with Scott from her home on an island in the Puget Sound, Washington, to discuss her Nov. 4 show at the Acoustic Den in Roseville.

Your voice reminds me of singers in the 70’s that sounded like women, like Rita Coolidge, and it’s so unlike the squeaky, screechy girls all over the radio now. Is it harder or easier to find an audience who appreciates that?

I feel like people want sound bites…not lyrics with meaning. It can be kind of tough to find the listeners that are willing to invest and give it a little more time and attention.

As a songwriter, who are the other songwriters that you really respect?

I actually really love Patty Griffin. For me, she sort of represents the ultimate in storytelling songwriting that always feels autobiographical, because she’s so personal. But you know, she’ll write from the male perspective, and she writes stories that are obviously not her personal life, but everything she does just feels so real and approachable and yet her writing is just astoundingly poetic. I really respect her, and she sort of has that classic country vibe. Definitely I’d call her Americana and more indie, but at the same time she sort of she captures what was really good about country music when it started, which is that it was the music of the people. It wasn’t dumbed down, it was just real.

People get surprised when I say Peter Gabriel, but he is, in my mind, a composer, not just a songwriter, and he’s traveled the world and always chooses amazing musicians … and he’s really into rhythm. I find that really inspiring and I think he’s a great poet.

How do you think your writing has evolved in the last 15 years?

Well, I’ve become more confident as an artist in terms of my voice. So oddly enough that’s resulted in fewer songs that are purely autobiographical. It used to be like, ‘OK, write what you know,’ and what I knew were my stories. Now I’m kind of going back to more of my history, that I was a prose writer, and what I really loved doing was writing short stories – that was my favorite form … And also my compositional skills have changed, so I feel like the way I put together a song is just stronger. I think I’m more of a storyteller now than I used to be.

Is there a song that really changed your perception of what a song could be?

Yeah, actually that was Peter Gabriel. I was 14, and I bought (the album) “So” because of “In Your Eyes” … I’d seen (the film) “Say Anything” …and I finally got to the song “This is the Picture,” and all these other songs that were just so different. You know the back half of that record is so different than the front, and that kind of opened my eyes to how unusual and different the approach to music could be with a songwriter.

Are there singers are artists that you’ve admired and been fortunate enough to meet or perform with?…

Yeah.  Some of the artists that I really enjoyed and got to meet are Judy Collins.  That was, that was wonderful; she is still just as brilliant as ever.  I opened for Beth Orton once.  I love her and her songwriting, and that was very cool.  I got to open for Chuck Berry and meet him – that was amazing.

What do you have planned for the Acoustic Den Cafe’?

Well, we love intimate show settings, so I think where we connect the most with people is when I have the opportunity to tell a lot of stories and I love.  That’s probably one of my favorite things to do, is to talk about the music, talk about the inspiration behind songs and hopefully make people laugh.  They’re going to get probably the best of that sort of house-concert vibe, where we’re really getting a chance to connect with people.  That’s probably what they’ll experience, and then musically, me on keyboard, guitar, violin, vocals; my husband on mandolin and percussion, small drum setup.  So they’re going to get a pretty wide range of cool musical stuff.”

Check it out at:  Award Winning Singer to play Roseville cafe – YouTube sensation Hilary Scott brings ‘Freight Train Love’ to Acoustic Den



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“Hilary Scott brings alt-country to Bend”…The Bulletin, Bend OR

The Bend Bulletin

Brian McElhiney of The Bend Bulletin writes:   “Hilary Scott brings alt-country to Bend…Her latest album, 2014’s “Freight Train Love,” is aptly named — the harder songs chug along with the power of a freight train, but Scott still knows how to get sweet when the music slows down, as on the neo-soul groove of the album-opening title track…Get to know the original Hilary Scott, up close and personal, at Astro.”  Click HERE to read Brian’s full article.

Singer songwriter Hilary Scott and drummer AJ Gennaro will be appearing at the Astro Lounge in Bend, OR on Wednesday, January 20th at 9 PM.

Hilary Scott by Michael Coleman

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Source Suggests of Bend, Oregon recommends Hilary Scott’s show at the Astro Lounge on January 20th

Source Weekly

Jared Rasic of Source Suggests, Bend OR recommends Hilary Scott’s show at the Astro Lounge on January 20th at 9 PM.  Jared writes:

“Hilary Scott – Hilary Scott is an indie-Americana singer-songwriter touring off of her most popular record yet. With her sweet, soulful voice and her open hearted lyrics, Scott is one to watch for the future, as there is really no one who sounds quite like she does. Slow dance with your special someone and you won’t regret it. 9pm. Wednesday, Jan. 20. Astro Lounge, 939 NW Bond St. No cover.”

Check out Source Suggests (a feature of The Source) HERE

Hilary Scott

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