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Saint Louis Magazine interviews Hilary Scott: “Hilary Scott on Leaving St. Louis, Her New Record, and Her Goodbye Show at The Demo”

Saint Louis Magazine

Hilary Scott was recently interviewed by Erin Williams of Saint Louis Magazine about her new record and leaving Saint Louis.  In her article, Erin writes:

“If, when nosing around online for a new artist to check out, you stumble upon Hilary Scott, don’t think that she’s some sort of newfound talent to hit the scene for the first time (or that she’s part of Lady Antebellum).

“I have been doing this for a long time—ever since I graduated from college,” says the Washington State native. “I’ve done a lot of traveling and lived in a lot of different places, so I don’t know if the fact that I’ve bounced around the globe has been a part of that. I’ve been doing it for about 15 years.”

With nearly a dozen albums under her belt, (her latest Freight Train Love, won the 2015 Vintage Folk Album of the Year from the Rural Roots Music Commission of the National Traditional Country Music Association) she’s spent six of those fifteen years here in St. Louis, but is moving back to the west coast in December with her husband, drummer AJ Gennaro…” (more)

Read the rest of this terrific article at:  “Hilary Scott on Leaving St. Louis, Her New Record, and Her Goodbye Show at The Demo”

Hilary Scott and AJ Gennaro

Photo by Brian Cummings

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“Duet: Glazed Strawberry Scones/Hilary Scott ‘Flowers On Mars'” – Cooking With Vinyl

Cooking With Vinyl

Flowers on Mars Cover

Becky Mollenkamp, author of the blog, Cooking with Vinyl featured Flowers On Mars in her recent blog, “Duet:  Glazed Strawberry Scones/Hilary Scott “Flowers On Mars” .

Becky says,

“Last December, my boyfriend and I hit a free show at a local record shop on a whim.  We didn’t know the artist; we were in it for a free beer.  I ended up loving St. Louis-based singer-songwriter Hilary Scott, who has a smooth bluesy voice that’s radio ready…I’m just hoping she gets that exposure soon.  I bought her first EP, “flowers on Mars” because 1) I liked the music and 2) she recorded it only on red vinyl-a chick who loves vinyl is a chick I love.  With running time just longer than 17 minutes, this EP can keep you entertained while making the scones (then you can play it again while you eat them!).”

Check out the entire post, along with the delicious recipe on Cooking With Vinyl

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