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Hilary Scott excited to be considered for “Minkins Music Best of 2014″

Minkins Music Best of 2014

Jay Minkin, writer for “No Depression” and publishes his “Music Best of” each year.  Although she was not the winner, we are so proud to announce that Hilary Scott made Jay’s list for consideration (a finalist) for his Female Artist of the Year award!

Jay writes:  “As in year’s past, my list is more about quality than quantity with Hall of Fame musicians sharing the spotlight with some relatively unknown singer/songwriters whom more of my audiophile readers should be aware of.” 

Jay notes this about Hilary Scott:  “The lovely Saint Louis songwriter Hilary Scott came into my sights with Freight Train Love and impressed this long time Cardinal fan.”

Read Jay’s full list here:  Minkins Music Best of 2014


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Germany’s “Country Jukebox” reviews “Freight Train Love”

Country Jukebox

Max Achatz, reviewed Freight Train Love for Country Jukebox (Germany).  We grabbed a quote from the Google translation of the review:

“Wonderfully soulful , gorgeous ballads , intelligent lyrics , strong melodies and an expressive singer make this a listening pleasure.”-praise for Hilary Scott‘s “Freight Train Love”

Read more HERE

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Freight Train Love reviewed by Bob Everhart for Country Music News International

Country Music News International

Bob Everhart’s review of Freight Train Love for Country Music International was published today!  See some of Bob Everhart’s comments below:

“This very gifted beautiful and lovely country girl came all the way from St. Louis, Missouri, to LeMars in 2014 for some Rural Roots Music Commission honor and respect.  She’s right back with another incredibly lovely CD, many of the songs her own originals… I once heard it took 15-million dollars to make Garth Brooks a star.  Not sure that’s true, but I’m very glad Hilary Scott does not have that same kind of money.  I’m afraid it would ruin her very beautiful originality, that she expresses so well, with and without love in these songs…What a nice surprise for me to hear this lovely girl’s voice, imagination, purpose, dedication, and ‘music seeds’ to close out my ‘listening’ time for today.  Thanks Hilary, get ready because this CD goes to the Rural Roots Music Commission too.  It’s early in the season, but get set and ready to go.  Look out Alison Kraus, you have competition.”

Read Bob Everhart’s FULL review HERE

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Yahoo Music News picks up Chuck Dauphin’s Billboard Article

Yahoo Music News

Chuck Dauphin’s article about Hilary Scott in Billboard has been picked up by Yahoo Music News!

“Singer-Songwriter Hilary Scott Talks name Confusion (No, She’s Not That Hillary Scott) and Her New Album”




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Chuck Dauphin’s interview of Hilary Scott in BILLBOARD


We are excited!  Chuck Dauphin, this year’s winner of the CMA media achievement award, just posted his article in which he interviews Hilary Scott.  Entitled “Singer-Songwriter Hilary Scott Talks Name Confusion (No, She’s Not That Hillary Scott) and Her New Album”.

Chuck writes:

“This is a big week for Hilary Scott, who released her new album, Freight Train Love, on Tuesday.

Wait a minute — we know you’re thinking. That’s Hilary with one L. Though there will no doubt be some confusion with Hillary Scott from Lady Antebellum, the rising performer tells Billboard hat she has an emotional tie to the name.

“I chose my performance name back in 1999 or 2000 when my brother passed away. His name was Scott. That was before I recorded my first album. By the time I started hearing about Hillary Scott from Lady Antebellum, I had already had a couple of albums out under that name and had a website going…”

Read Chuck’s full article in The 615 in  Billboard


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