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Mike Davies, Brum Radio, plays Hilary Scott’s “Don’t Call Me Angel” on his show, and says “I think this is easily one of the best songs of the year”

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Mike Davies, plays the “Don’t Call Me Angel” track from Hilary’s soon-to-be-released new album, Don’t Call Me Angel on his “Alternative Roots” 2 hr. show on Brum Radio, Birmingham, UK.  Mike says, “I think this is easily one of the best songs of the year”.  You can listen to the show by following the link below:

Mike Davies – The Alternative Sound – August 19

(If you find you find yourself short of time and can’t listen to the whole show right now, “Don’t Call Me Angel” starts a little after minute 56.  If you go too far, you can’t back up (apparently for legal reasons), but all you have to do is just click out and click back in to restart the show.)

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Front Range Radio interview and performance posted on line!

Don’t feel sad if you missed one of the rebroadcasts!  You haven’t missed out!  Here are links to the full broadcast and You Tube videos of the performance!  Thank you to Tim Board, Producer and Host, from Front Range Radio for the links!

You Tube:  Help Video

You Tube:  My Friend Video

Show Link:  Hilary Scott Interview on Front Range Radio



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Tune into Hilary Scott’s interview and live performance on Front Range Radio

Hilary Scott was recently interviewed live by Front Range Radio while she was touring in Colorado in January.   She talked about her career, her music, and performed a couple of songs during the program.  The interview and performancewas recorded, and will be streamed live today, Sunday February 5th at 7 PM Mountain Time on KCMJ 93.9 FM Colorado Springs Community Radio and Tuesday 2pm MT on 365 Radio Network.   Click on the links to tune in via the Internet.

Front Range Radio photo 2

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