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Ken Paulson, Americana Music News, premiers “Don’t Call Me Angel” Video tomorrow (September 25th)

Ken Paulson (whose accolades include being the former editor-in-chief of USA Today and remaining a columnist there, creating “Freedom Sings,” a First Amendment stage show, being the host and producer of “The Songwriters,” a television show broadcast by PBS affiliate stations across the United States featuring interviews with members of the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, and from 2000 to 2005 being the host of “Speaking Freely,” a national television show about free speech and the arts – guests included Robert Redford, Susan Sarandon, Harry Belafonte and Charlie Daniels, among so many other amazing credentials) is going to premier Hilary Scott’s Don’t Call Me Angel video on September 25th!!!  The video was directed, filmed and produced by Ravens Eye Studios.

Log into Americana Music News to have a first look at the video!

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