Don’t Call Me Angel was chosen as the Pop Country Album of the Year for 2019
by the Rural Roots Music Commission
of the National Traditional Country Music Association

“Every inch a big time record, this soulful collection is so from the heart you can feel her pulse in the grooves. Killer stuff from one of the brightest lights in Americana.” Chris Spector, Midwest Record

Don’t Call Me Angel

“It is amazing!  I think the best songs always sound like they have a lived-in feel to them.  They sound true and honest coming from the singer, and because of that, I think they automatically touch the listener’s soul.  Music is like connective tissue, linking our feelings and our experiences to something so beautiful and memorable.  That’s how it is with the Beatles and Bruce and Aretha (R.I.P.).  And that is how I felt listening to your new album (particularly the title track).  It was if I already knew these songs somehow, they made such an instantaneous impact.  I already have the album on repeat, and know that these songs will be there for me to recall at a moment’s notice.  That is the joy of great music!  I just wanted to take the opportunity to share that.  Thank you!”  …A very special letter to Hilary Scott from a Fan


“…It’s the opening title track, a sort of emotional opposite to ‘Angel of the Morning’, that sets the seal on the album’s quality, a slow, honky tonk snare brushed waltz…Quite simply, it’s one of the best old school Americana heartbreakers I’ve heard this  year.  The rest of the album’s pretty damn fine too.”  Mike Davies of Folking

“Hilary Scott’s…Don’t Call Me Angel is nothing short of a blessing to the ears, a rapture of outstanding story-telling and music…Ever reliable, ever able to consume and relate to the spirits and moods of her listeners, Hilary Scott’s place is assured in the pantheon of musicians and song-writers…this album is jam packed full of creatively beautiful songs.”   Ian D. Hall, Liverpool Sound and Vision

“If the only “Kiss” cover you know is that Tom Jones one, get ready for something new, pussycat.  On her upcoming album Don’t Call Me Angel (out October 12), Washington state singer-songwriter Hilary Scott turns the Prince classic into a smoky blues ballad…It’s unlike any “Kiss” cover we’ve ever heard, and one of the best Prince homages to come out since his passing.”  Ray Padgett, Cover Me