“Hilary taught our kids violin and guitar for about a year until we moved from the Harstine Island area, and in that short time she made them love what they were learning to play, as well as giving them a well rounded understanding of music. She was a patient and extremely knowledgeable teacher and it was very apparent how much she truly cares about each of her students, and how much she enjoys passing her love of music to others. It will be very hard for us to replace her. She is the music teacher you’ve been looking for.”  Jeremy and Amy Kirsch

Hilary Scott Gennaro has more than fifteen years of teaching experience. She offers lessons in classical piano and voice, as well as coaching students interested in other genres such as musical theater, Pop, blues, folk and more. She offers Suzuki violin lessons, guitar, and songwriting sessions as well.  She teaches in the South Sound:  Shelton, Olympia and Gig Harbor.

She received her Bachelor of Arts from Whitman College with a major in English and a minor in Music, with a focus on vocal performance. While in college, she studied opera at the Civica Scuola conservatory in Milan, Italy. Hilary is also an award-winning singer-songwriter.  Her song, And Just, was awarded First Place in the International Division of Festival Degli Autori, Sanremo, Italy.  Other awards include:  Americana/Folk Album of the Year, by the National Traditional Country Music Association in 2014 for Flowers on Mars and Vintage Folk Album of the Year 2015 by the Rural Roots Music Commission for Freight Train Love. Hilary was nominated twice in the female singer-songwriter category of the 2017 Just Plain Folk Awards for “Untitled (So Long)” and “Labor Of Love” from her album Still. Her song “Didn’t Make It Alive” from Freight Train Love also was a finalist in the UK Songwriting competition.

Additionally, she was voted Best Local Artist from Inside Columbia Magazine for two years and has been recording and touring nationally and internationally for more than ten years. Hilary’s most recent album, Freight Train Love, has been featured in well-known music publications such as Billboard, Yahoo Music and No Depression, and her music appeared on the sound track in a Bill Foundation dog rescue “viral” video, which was featured in Huffington Post, the L.A. Times, and more.

She has traveled to Italy, France, the UK, Japan, Vietnam and South Korea playing music professionally, and is represented by Premier Talent International. While touring and performing in the U.S., Hilary has shared the stage with legends such as Chuck Berry, Tanya Tucker, Little Feat and many more.


Hilary teaches students of all ages, with a special interest in early learners. Hilary was a certified Kindermusik instructor, but developed Music Explorers in conjunction with Midwest Music Conservatory in St. Louis to address specific areas of learning which benefit young children as they head into private lessons. Hilary enjoys sharing her significant performance experience to help students prepare for performance opportunities, and a lifetime of musical enjoyment.

For questions, rates, and more information, e-mail:


“Hilary is a gifted and talented musician and song writer. She is passionate about music and those who are fortunate to see her perform are always blessed by her voice and her instrumental expertise. She also has an amazing ability to share her music and talent as a voice and piano instructor.  Hilary has been giving our children piano and voice lessons for over 4 years. She is a successful teacher because she is able to adapt her lessons to accommodate all of their different learning styles as well as adapt to their changing tastes and interests as they have grown. Her enthusiasm for music has enabled them to develop their musical talent and has given them confidence to perform for others.” –  Janice Schuth  

“Hilary has been my son Luke’s violin and piano teacher for approximately four years. All of my children take music lessons, but it is especially challenging for my son Luke, as he is diagnosed with Autism.

About four years ago, Luke asked my wife, ‘why can’t I take music lessons?’ We did not have a logical answer for him, and we were lucky enough to get a referral for ‘Ms. Hilary’. Luke is a man of routine and structure. Hilary has provided that for him, plus the patience and compassion needed to work with a student who has many communication and social deficits. As a parent of a young child with autism, there is not a day I don’t worry about his safety and well-being. I never expected, then, for Luke to grasp reading music, counting measures, performing in front of audiences. He has achieved all of that, and to be quite honest, I’m not sure we will find another teacher like Hilary that can pick up where she left off.

There is no doubt about Hilary’s own musical talents and gifts. It is one thing to be gifted in an area yourself, it is quite another to impart that love of your craft upon the students whom you teach. Hilary has opened the eyes of my little boy to a world of music. She has instilled in him self-confidence that he can go in front of people and not be afraid to play . In short, she has a good heart, she’s in it for the right reasons, she is mission driven, and there is no doubt in my mind she can teach music to anyone.

I do hope you get the opportunity to have Hilary teach music to your children. You will not be disappointed”. – Marty Woytus

Further testimony by Mr. Woytus, posted on the Midwest Music Conservatory Facebook page:

“My name is Marty, my wife Barb and I have 3 children who have received music lessons at Midwest Music Conservatory for the past 7 years…About 3 years ago when Faith was starting guitar lessons, my middle child Luke tapped his mom on the shoulder and asked why he didn’t get to take lessons and play an instrument like his older brother and younger sister.  She didn’t have an answer for him.  Luke is diagnosed with Autism and it affects how he communicates with the world around him.  That being said, we have always given Luke the same opportunities as our other kids.  My wife and I approached our daughter’s guitar teacher Jim Wells and asked if they had someone who could teach violin to Luke.  He introduced us to Hilary Scott.  Ms. Hilary, as Luke would call her, has been the perfect fit for Luke. Her ability to understand him and yet challenge him has been fantastic.  Luke needs structure and consistency with any of his teaching/learning to be successful.  Ms. Hilary has delivered this plus more.  I never thought in a million years that Luke would go up on stage by himself and play the violin in front of an audience.  For a child who has constant thoughts going through his head that disrupt his ability to regulate his behavior, it is simply amazing.  For the person outside looking in, you might not think so.  For a parent who has watched his son struggle with realities of day to day routines, academics, trying to forge relationships with peers, for that mere moment, to stand on a stage, play a piece of music in front of an audience I find myself in complete awe.

Ms. Hilary and our “family” of professionals at Midwest Music Conservatory have provided my son Luke a routine, a venue, and a vehicle if you will, to seem normal however that is defined by our society.  Picture a little boy who stands up on stage, plays a song on his violin and bows to an applauding audience–priceless.

Music really makes a difference. Sometimes all it takes is the right teacher to give a student the chance to do something amazing.” – Marty Woytus, as posted on MMC Facebook page

“It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for Hilary Scott Gennaro. My daughter has been with Hilary for several years beginning with a pre-school music exploration class through private piano instruction. Hilary has been the best choice I could have made for my daughter’s musical education. My daughter has made such tremendous progress working with Hilary!

Hilary possesses all the qualities one would look for in a piano teacher. She loves what she does and it shows through her teaching. She is enthusiastic, positive, and fun, yet serious about imparting musical knowledge and challenging her students to reach their potential. My daughter thrives under her instruction.”

“I highly respect Hilary. She is a great teacher, musician, performer and role model for my daughter. I can only hope to find someone to fill her shoes. I can’t recommend her highly enough.” – Stacie Scheiner

“Hi Hilary!  Allie had her second piano lesson tonight with her new teacher.  She praised Allie’s technique and said that you must have been a great teacher with particular attention to detail and that Allie has been put on a great path. Thought you might like hearing this.  Thank you for everything!” – Stacie Scheiner, posted on Hilary’s Facebook page  

“I have known Hilary for the last 4 years. My daughter started her Music Explorers class when she was 3 years old and ever since she has loved, loved, loved Hilary.

Music Explorers was an initiative by Hilary where younger children were introduced to different types of instruments and basic concepts of Music in a playful manner.

I still remember the enthusiasm of Hilary and all the kids in that class. You could hear the music and giggles from outside the room.

Neha attended Music Explorers for about a year. Even after the classes were finished, Neha never forgot about her favorite ‘Miss Hilary.’ And later when we thought of starting piano lessons for Neha, her first demand was to learn it from Hilary only. Her teaching methods are really innovative and Neha loved it. It’s our loss that she had to leave town, but even at that busy time Hilary remembered to make voice files for me to keep Neha’s lessons continuing till we find her replacement.

I would recommend her to anyone and wish her all the very best for her music career”. – Namrata Tripathi

“Ms. Hilary Scott is an outstanding piano teacher with highly professional performing skills, comprehensive knowledge of music, and a wonderful personality. My daughter Naomi started with Hilary 3 years ago when she was 6 years old as a beginner. Hilary’s teaching style is a perfect balance of friendly, fun and encouraging, yet very professional with an emphasis on progress.  She is always so nice to us and helps my daughter whenever she needs help.  My daughter also learned singing from Hilary. She is a gifted teacher and I recommend her to you unconditionally.” – Richard Feng

“I would like to highly recommend Hilary Scott to you as a piano teacher for your child.  My daughter Isabel has been taking piano lessons with Hilary for 4 years and she has learned a great deal.  She has learned how to read notes and music as well as being able to play a piece of music on her own.  Hilary is very passionate about teaching her students.  My daughter loves to practice the piano whenever possible because Hilary makes it fun and the music she chooses is very engaging and upbeat.

Our family is very grateful for everything she has taught our daughter as Isabel has improved tremendously over the past 4 years.  We love to hear her play the piano.” – Debbie Tracy

“Hilary has imparted her love of music and the joy it brings to my daughter. Hilary started teaching my daughter, Corren, piano 5 years ago. During that time, Corren has taken piano, violin, and voice lessons with her. With Hilary’s knowledge and great manner with children, Corren has grown greatly in her skills and still wants to pursue lessons at age 11! I attest that to Miss Hilary. There were many tears over Miss Hilary leaving. She is missed greatly! Corren still wishes she was coming every Monday!

“We loved having you as Corren’s teacher! You will be missed immensely! You will always be remembered. Your impact on Corren and developing her love of music has been huge! You have been such a big part of her childhood.

Your child will not be intimidated by Miss Hilary. With Hilary, your child will have courage, confidence, and skills taught patiently that will stretch your child in a positive way and develop his or her musical skills.” – Amy Tipton

“I would like to give my recommendation for Hilary Gennaro.  She has been my 10 year old daughter’s piano teacher for 1 ½ years, and had come highly recommended by a good friend.  Her friendly, happy, energetic personality along with her encouraging and positive teaching style was very motivating for my daughter. Hilary provided my daughter with lessons that were appropriate for her skill level, but that also challenged her.  She connected very well with her, and always made her feel comfortable. As a result, my daughter has enjoyed playing the piano, and instead of being a chore, practicing is something that she does happily and voluntarily.

It has been wonderful to watch my daughter grow as a piano player.  I highly recommend Hilary as a piano teacher, and it will be difficult for us to replace her”. – Carrie Embleton