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Chuck Dauphin Interviews Hilary Scott for Billboard! Hilary ScottFreight Train Love
  1. Freight Train Love
  2. Help
  3. Get Your Love
  4. Diamonds
  5. Losing You
  6. Flowers On Mars
  7. Whiskey Bottle Dry
  8. If You Don't Love Me
  9. Lotta Love
  10. Didn't Make It Alive

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Date : November 4, 2014


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We are excited!!!  2014 CMA Media Achievement Award winner Chuck Dauphin interviewed Hilary Scott for Billboard, and the article has just been published.

In his article,  “Singer-Songwriter Hilary Scott Talks Name Confusion (No, She’s Not That Hillary Scott) and Her New Album” , Chuck writes…

“This is a big week for Hilary Scott, who released her new album, Freight Train Love, on Tuesday.

Wait a minute — we know you’re thinking. That’s Hilary with one L. Though there will no doubt be some confusion with Hillary Scott from Lady Antebellum, the rising performer tells Billboard hat she has an emotional tie to the name.

“I chose my performance name back in 1999 or 2000 when my brother passed away. His name was Scott. That was before I recorded my first album. By the time I started hearing about Hillary Scott from Lady Antebellum, I had already had a couple of albums out under that name and had a website going. It was a tough call for me because the name means something to me both professionally and personally. At this point, I think it would be very difficult to completely change,” she says, admitting that she isn’t for sure what the future will hold for her in that regard. “I do fear that if I gain some more publicity, it could become more confusing.”

Stylistically, Scott does set herself apart with more of a bluesy lean, thanks to influences such as Bonnie Raitt and Patty Griffin. What does she call her music? “At this point, I’ve been calling it Americana, because I feel like it’s such a big umbrella,” she said. “It didn’t used to be. I feel it used to be a little bit narrowly focused on music that wasn’t quite country but had that flavor. I think some of my stuff has it, but there’s all kinds of influences in there. That’s one of my favorite things about this record. You can put it under the Americana umbrella, I think, but I think that a lot of different genres are reflected song by song on the record.”

One of the highlights from the album is the evocative “Whiskey Bottle Dry,” which Scott says marks a departure for her as a writer. “That has become my favorite on the record. I co-wrote that one with Michael O’Neill…”

Read more about Hilary and her new album, Freight Train Love.  Access the full article HERE


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