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Hilary Scott’s new album Kaleidoscope is reviewed by Wono Magazine! Hilary ScottKaleidoscope
  1. Just A Shame (2020 Remaster)
  2. Almost Home (2020 Remix, Remaster)
  3. Too Much Is Not Enough (2020 Remaster)
  4. And Just (2020 Remaster)
  5. Free Country (2020 Remix, Remaster)

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Date : June 25, 2021


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And this from Wono Magazine

Kaleidoscope EP. Hilary Scott

“It is over two and a half years Hilary Scott, yes, only one l, found her way to this blog with her album ‘Don’t Call Me Angel’. Last week an EP saw the light of day and it kicks off in a great way. ‘Just A Shame’ is the kind of tight singer-songwriter country rocking song that I just love to hear every once in a while. The pick up of the drums sets that tight expectation within the second it plays out. A nice intro follows before Hilary Scott starts singing in a dreamy fashion, where the band moves between tight and loud and dreamy and accommodating. Scott voice is harmonising with herself, creating a wall of vocal sounds. ‘Almost Home’ is slower, but again that powerful drumming is what catches my ear first. The song is one of dozens of not hundreds of the kind, true. But listen to Hilary Scott singing and chances are you’ll be sold. With a voice between soft and loud, deep and high, she touches me. The lead guitar explodes a little in the chorus and shines a light on it. If I have to name someone else it is Alanis Morissette at the time of ‘Jacked Little Pill’, with a few years extra on her. ‘Too Much Is Not Enough’ underscores this idea. Hilary Scott could double as Alanis’ twin sister here, with great result. This is a great song. ‘And Just’ moves more into pop territory and doesn’t reach me in the way the first three songs do. It never truly comes alive for me. The beginning of the final song, ‘Free Country’, moves into R&B territory and is not for me. With three and a half out of five Kaleidoscope does not score bad, I’d say.”

Wono Magazine review

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