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Ian D. Hall of Liverpool Sound and Vision reviews Hilary Scott’s “Don’t Call Me Angel” Hilary ScottDon't Call Me Angel
  1. Don't Call Me Angel
  2. Not Used To Being Used To
  3. You Will Be Mine
  4. Make It Right
  5. Heartless
  6. UnLove Story
  7. Moon And Back
  8. In Time
  9. Kiss
  10. Here I Am

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Date : October 12, 2018


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Liverpool Sound and Vision

In his review of Don’t Call Me Angel, Ian D. Hall in Liverpool Sound and Vision writes:

Liverpool Sound and Vision

Reviews from a small country

Hilary Scott, Don’t Call Me Angel. Album Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

“The steely determination of untameable love, the smooth velvet glove of introspection and the beautiful attitude of a devil who gets mistaken for an angel at all possible moments. It is in this combination of the just and rich voice of Hilary Scott comes alive, it resounds with the passion of unprejudiced, it flows like water down the throat of a thirsty human lost, led astray, in the desert and hallucinating that the vision before them has been sent by their own version of God, call this vision anything you want, just don’t let her retort, Don’t Call Me Angel.

In this twelfth collaboration between Ms. Scott and Belltown Records, Don’t Call Me Angel is arguably more poignant, certainly more personal than perhaps might have been ascribed to her, more delicately handled emotionally and with such tender sincerity than many would have found possible if they were in her shoes. To capture the raw and the naked feelings of a human being looking back at a period of time when the physical pain of loss is all consuming is a difficult ask, yet Ms. Scott does so in this wonderfully presented album, with absolute honesty and authenticity.

Ever reliable, ever able to consume and relate to the spirits and moods of her listeners, Hilary Scott’s place is assured in the pantheon of musicians and song-writers, so much so that even if she didn’t record another album, the passing of time would only enhance the passion and the person to great heights. However, where would the enjoyment be in that, she might not want you to call her an angel but never let her hear you suggest that Time has calling; not when this latest album is jam packed full of creatively beautiful songs.

From the opening bars of the album title song, and through tracks such as Not Used To Being Used To, Make It Right, Unlove Story, Moon and Back, In Time and the fascinating cover of Prince’s Kiss, Ms. Scott glows, shimmers in the radiance of the endeavour, and with A. J. Gennaro, Jack Schilling, Johnny Lee Schell and Mike Finnigan’s sterling contribution to the resounding craving of remembrance and honour that Hilary Scott’s words demand, Don’t Call Me Angel is nothing short of a blessing to the ears, a rapture of outstanding story-telling and music.

Ian D. Hall”

Check out the review here:  Liverpool Sound and Vision:  Don’t Call Me Angel  

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