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Hilary Scott

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Northeast In-Tune

The Hilary Scott Band
Columbia, MO

By: Jeff Dame

The Hilary Scott Band is one that embodies such musical styles as blues, pop, classical, folk and rock. The sound is one that fresh in the world of pop star divas. Hilary Scott has been playing music since the age of 2 so it is no wonder the music sounds good. Consisting of Hilary Scott (songwriting, vocals, guitar, keyboard, violin), Bill Adams (guitar), Rob Lampe (electric guitar), Mike Robertson (bass), Michael Bielski (djembe/percussion), Loyd Warden (drums) and Matt Griffin (harmonica).

Hilary Scott has the potential to be as big as the likes of Alanis Morisette, Tori Amos or Sheryl Crow. With a multitude of instruments played on each song you would think that they could easily run awry but when you add in Hilary’s vocals it all blends together into touching and powerful songs that make you wish that you were as talented as she is. Now I know that I am constantly saying, check out this band or check out that band, but The Hilary Scott Band is one that I feel will be big, listen to her now and you can say I have been in since the beginning.

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