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Phil Verhaege, Keys and Chords reviews Hilary Scott’s “Kaleidoscope” Hilary ScottKaleidoscope
  1. Just A Shame (2020 Remaster)
  2. Almost Home (2020 Remix, Remaster)
  3. Too Much Is Not Enough (2020 Remaster)
  4. And Just (2020 Remaster)
  5. Free Country (2020 Remix, Remaster)

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Date : June 25, 2021


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Phil Verhaege, Keys and Chords writes:   (English translation)

“​In the course of Hilary Scott’s musical career, which included a lot of solo performances as well as various iterations with The Hilary Scott Band, she has built a vast fanbase. Hilary opened up for Chuck Berry, Tanya Tucker, Little Feat, Beth and Samantha Fish, among other things. Hilary Scott is a classic trained instrumentation analyst (piano/keys, guitar, violin) with a brilliant voice. The name Scott, by the way, comes from her deceased brother. Her older brother died of complications due to epilepsy in 1998. He introduced her to the more “rebel” side of the music. And that has contributed to the desire of Hilary’s own numbers. Two years ago, her album ‘Don’t Call Me Angel’ was elected ‘Pop Country Album of The Year’. She is now promoting the EP ‘Kaleidoscope’. Five original songs that once again have that enduring feeling. The pandemic gave Scott the opportunity to relive those numbers. Four songs were originally recorded by Matthew Wilder in his Wilderside studio in 2011 and were re-mapped in 2020, of which two were re-mixed. And with a fresh approach, she’s introducing us to that eclectic musical landscape…”

by Phil Verhaege  Original post can be viewed HERE

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