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Rockfarbror’s Thomas Cedergren reviews Hilary Scott’s new album, Kaleidoscope Hilary ScottKaleidoscope
  1. Just A Shame (2020 Remaster)
  2. Almost Home (2020 Remix, Remaster)
  3. Too Much Is Not Enough (2020 Remaster)
  4. And Just (2020 Remaster)
  5. Free Country (2020 Remix, Remaster)

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Date : June 26, 2021


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Thomas Cedergren of Sweden’s Rockfarbror webzine and music blog reviews Hilary Scott’s new album, Kaleidoscope.  These comments are obtained from a rough Google translation of Thomas Cedergren’s article.  He says, “Hilary Scott – not Hillary Scott – is up to date with a new EP. ”  He goes on to explain, “That thing with the spelling of the name is important.  The other Hillary Scott is the singer in Lady A (formerly Lady Antebellum) and so it is not her that this is about.”

He continues,

“This is instead Hilary Scott who broke through internationally with the album Freight Train Love in 2015.  She took the name Scott since her brother passed away and to pay tribute to him she took the artist name Hilary Scott about 20 years ago.  She has made 10-15 records throughout the years and now it’s time again.  Now we get the EP Kaleidoscope.

“In these five songs…Scott mostly sticks to pop rock…  The album starts with a real top:  Just A Shame…both a nice guitar sound and a wonderful chorus.  Scott has actually already won an award for one of the songs here.  Its And Just, that she won the (international division) songwriting competition at the Festival Degli Autori in Sanremo Italy.  Its a nice pop rock song with a country feel.  Otherwise, its Too Much Is Not Enough which is perhaps the biggest favorite…its a song about getting the most our of life and it does not matter where you have been before in life.”

“…Kaleidoscope is a really nice pop rock/americana/country record.”

For the original review written in Swedish, visit:

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