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“Still” by Shashona McCall – Indie Showcase Hilary Scott and The New County LineIndie Showcase review of Still
  1. Untitled (So Long)
  2. Labor Of Love
  3. Fighting Odds (Take What You Get)
  4. Hallelujah
  5. Still

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Date : November 1, 2011


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Hilary Scott and The New County Line  EP: Still

Official Websites:

Location: St Louis, Missouri, USA

Genre: Folk Rock
Record Label: Belltown Records
Type of label: Indie

EP: Still
Released: 2011
Produced by: Hilary Scott And The New County Line. Jason McEntire
Engineered by: Jason McEntire
Recorded: Sawhorse Studios MO
Mastered: Brad Samo at Blue Jade Audio
Photographer: Corey Woodruff
All Tracks Arranged by: Hilary Scott And The New County Line

Lyrics: by Hilary Scott except
Track 4 by Leonard Cohen

Hilary Scott And The New County Line – Still lineup:

Hilary Scott: Vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, hammond, backing vocals and handclaps
Josh Schilling: Bass, electric guitar, backing vocals, hammond and handclaps
AJ Gennaro: Drums, percussion, backing vocals and handclaps

Track list for “Still”

1 – Untitled (So Long)
2 – Labor Of Love
3 – Fighting Odds (Take What You Get)
4 – Hallelujah
5 – Still

This is the little EP that could. Hilary Scott And The New County Line released their latest EP called “Still” in 2011, making this the 8th release for Hilary Scott since 2002. Like a fine wine, Hilary Scott’s tremendous vocal skill continues to evolve leaving her fans worldwide in awe.  This beautiful young lady has toured throughout the globe and has been awarded accolades and support from far and near.

Now, with the release of “Still”, Hilary Scott And The New County Line, show us yet another side of their incredible talent. This EP has 5 delicious songs that take you on a journey through music. Though Hilary Scott is an exceptional songwriter, I believe she has progressed into a master storyteller as well. “Still” takes us through emotions like the colors in a kaleidoscope. Her powerful voice is strong, yet sultry and sexy. She shows her softer side with lilting ballads like Untitled (So Long), Fighting Odds (Take What You Get) and of course the title track, Still. Like leather and lace, Hilary Scott has it all going on.

Hilary Scott And The New County Line have been working together for quite some time. They have found a footing together that has been perfected. Their instrumentation far exceeds our expectations. They work together as a unit, binding each track with precision and pure talent. Absolutely brilliant musicians who allow these addictive songs to live and breathe in our hearts.

I have to say, I love the quality the production, mixing and mastering has brought out in this EP. It has a very polished feel, without impeding Hilary Scott’s fabulous natural vocal style. Quite an exceptional job.

The 3 tracks I have set aside are:

1 – Labor Of Love
This song has an upbeat tempo and feel. Hilary Scott shines, demonstrating her powerful vocal. I love the different tones and inflections of her voice during this song. This woman is simply incredible. Hilary Scott And The New County Line certainly nails the instrumentation. The use of the piano gives the song a full bodied feel, that is splendid. Lyrics are solid, delivering a tale of love and relationships. Gorgeous!

2 – Fighting Odds (Take What You Get)
Another treasure off Hilary Scott And The New County Line “Still” EP. It opens with an outstanding acoustic guitar intro, then opens with the clear and concise voice of Hilary Scott. It quickly moves into a rock ballad that would be the envy of many. Hilary Scott is such an outstanding singer with an impressive range. Brilliant.

3 – Still
The title track “Still” features Hilary Scott’s tender side. This song’s solid lyrics melding with Hilary’s sultry voice could melt any heart. Certainly Hilary Scott And The New County Line can deliver songs that can stand the test of time. Take time to listen to the instrumentation on this track as well. They have done a superior job at making the track the best it can be. Bravo!

As you can see, Hilary Scott And The County Line have a real hit on their hands with this “Still” EP. It may be small, with just 5 tracks, but it is crackin! If you haven’t heard it yet, skip on over to and grab your EP today. It is going viral fast with airplay introducing this brilliant band to more and more fans. When you hear it, you will know why.

That’s Just how I see it
Shashona McCall
Indie Showcase

Comment by a fan:  “What a awesome review on Hilary Scott who been a long time friend of mine, one excellent artists who has it all, the ability to write, play many instruments and has a most stellar & beautiful voice.  Have been following Hilary for 8 + years and have seen her in concert 4 times.”

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