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Almost Home (2020 Remix, Remaster) Airplay – Week 1

Powderfinger Promotions

Week One of the radio promotion for Hilary Scott’s new single, Almost Home (which is one of the tracks on her new album Kaleidoscope) is going well!
Powderfinger Promotions reports that 12 radio stations have added Almost Home to their rotations, and three of the stations report medium and heavy airplay.
Powderfinger Promotions also reports that NACC, which is the radio charting organization for college and community radio reports that Almost Home was one of the top 10 most streamed singles this week!

Almost Home (2020 Remix, Remaster) single

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Kaleidoscope – starting to get noticed

With the PR campaign for Kaleidoscope just starting, during the past week tracks from the album have been played by:

Halley DeVestern, Making A Scene (Voice of Indie Blues) has played Almost Home (2020 Remix, Remaster)

Neil King, Along The Tracks (Blues and Roots Radio) has played And Just (2020 Remaster)

Celtic Country Music Radio, Glasgow Scotland played Just A Shame (2020 Remaster)

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