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KC Cafe’ Radio reports that Hilary Scott’s “Freight Train Love” makes Roots Music Reports chart of top played artist of 2015 in the Americana Country category

KC Cafe' Radio

KC Cafe’ Radio reports that Hilary Scott is among several KC Cafe’ Radio performing artists who made top 2015 ranking in the Roots Music Reports charts.  Roots Music Reports is the music chart representing independent music.   KC Cafe’ Radio reports that Hilary Scott’s Freight Train Love ranked 124 on the Americana Country category.  Read the full story HERE on the KC Cafe’ Radio website.

Freight Train Love


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Yahoo Music News picks up Chuck Dauphin’s Billboard Article

Yahoo Music News

Chuck Dauphin’s article about Hilary Scott in Billboard has been picked up by Yahoo Music News!

“Singer-Songwriter Hilary Scott Talks name Confusion (No, She’s Not That Hillary Scott) and Her New Album”




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“Freight Train Love” reviewed by Jay Minkin in “No Depression”

No Depression

Jay Minkin, in his review of Freight Train Love, says:

“I didn’t know about this St. Louis-based singer-songwriter who has recorded ten other albums over the last dozen years, until a copy of her album from KG Music Press showed up in my mailbox. It sat until last week on a cold, rainy afternoon I decided to pop the disc into my car’s CD changer for the commute home and it was as if the clouds parted for a ray of sunshine.”

Read the rest of his review on No Depression

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