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Two Terrific Reviews – Thinking Lyrically and Country Jukebox, Germany

We are trying to keep up with the great reviews that are rolling in!  Here are two terrific ones!

Thinking Lyrically

Thinking Lyrically says, “A fantastic collection of songs that delivers a variety of emotions and gorgeous tones that keep you entranced and delivers such powerful emotions, particularly on tracks such as ‘Unlove Story’ which is going on my playlist as soon as it possibly can. If anything this album proves is that I don’t listen to enough Americana.”
Read Thinking Lyrically’s full review HERE

Country Jukebox Germany

Country Jukebox, Germany says: “This expressive, vocally brilliant Artist from the American Northwest gives us one of those albums that peel new layers with each listen and reveal melodies and moods that were not heard before.”
Read Country Jukebox’s full review HERE

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JJ Falco of Not Fiction reviews Hilary Scott’s “Don’t Call Me Angel”

Don't Call Me Angel

JJ Falco of Not Fiction has reviewed Hilary Scott’s Don’t Call Me Angel, and writes:

“I liked Don’t Call Me Angel instantly, but I had to give it a few listens before I realized what it was about this album that really “gets” me. At first I thought it was the diversity of the music, and that surely plays a large role, but there was something else. Then it hit me, it’s not just how the songs are written, but how they are arranged. There’s a maturity there that most don’t have, and an artistry that rivals some of my favorite musicians…

…Scott’s voice. Sweet, edgy, raunchy, steady, and emotionally whenever the music or lyrics call for it. Throughout that range, her voice is always beautiful. Her harmonies are well placed and arranged to trigger a shiver up the spine (succeeding multiple times at that in my case)…

The Prince tribute. Other than the first track for which the album is titled, this could be what people will notice first. I love Kiss. To me, it’s the penultimate song by one of the true geniuses of our time and all time (RIP). Kiss isn’t covered here. It’s played. As a part of Don’t Call Me Angel, it is a Hilary Scott song that just happens to be written by someone who’s not Hilary Scott.”

You will want to read the full review HERE!

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Doug at IOU Music reviews Hilary Scott’s “Don’t Call Me Angel”

Don't Call Me Angel

Doug of IOU Music writes…

“…This was my first introduction to Hilary Scott, and I am blown away by her lyrics as well as her great bluesy voice that is well paired on this album with all the right strings and her talent for tickling the ivory; I’m a sucker for well-done piano work and hers is prevalent throughout this record.

I love everything about this album but Hilary’s emotional, sometimes sultry, vocals are the crowning achievement here. The writing absolutely kills (The more I listen the more I feel like Hilary might be my spirit animal), the players and production are top notch, but that voice ties it all together into a package that I just keep finding 40+ minutes to listen to…”

You’ll want to read the full review on the IOU Music site HERE


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Hilary Scott Official PNW “Don’t Call Me Angel” Album Release Concert!

image for ticket sales b

Don’t Call Me Angel Album Pacific Northwest Release Concert!

Come rock out with  us at the official PNW release of our new album,
Don’t Call Me Angel
The show will include the PNW premier showing of Hilary Scott’s new official music video,
filmed and produced by Raven’s Eye.

October 13th
7 to 9 PM
Harstine Island Community Hall, Harstine Island, Shelton WA

For more information, click:  Don’t Call Me Angel PNW Release Concert

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