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Hilary Scott makes Daytrotter’s “Best of the Week” list!

Hilary Scott just learned that she made Daytrotter’s “Best of the Week” list!  Daytrotter is a website for the recording studio Horseshack, which hosts recording sessions with many popular and typically up-and-coming acts.  Horseshack, is located in Rock Island, Illinois.  Hilary Scott and AJ Gennaro recorded in the studio in early January, and their session is now posted on the Daytrotter website.  You can check out her session here:  Daytrotter.  (To listen, you’ll need to sign up…first 7 days are free, $2.99 per month thereafter…you can cancel anytime).

Hilary Scott - Daytrotter Image

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Kathy Forste, KC Cafe’ Radio Music Director interviews Hilary Scott: “Hilary Scott On A Freight Train Toward Success”

Kathy Forste, KC Cafe’ Radio Music Director, recently interviewed Hilary Scott.  In the interview, Kathy touched on various things, including how Hilary Scott chose her performance name, what it is like working with her husband and drummer, AJ Gennaro, the success of her most recent album, Freight Train Love, and other topics.  KC Cafe’ Radio brings its listeners the “World’s Finest Original Music”.

Listen to Kathy Forste’s interview of Hilary Scott here:

“Hilary Scott On A Freight Train Toward Success”

Freight Train Love


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“Duet: Glazed Strawberry Scones/Hilary Scott ‘Flowers On Mars'” – Cooking With Vinyl

Flowers on Mars Cover

Becky Mollenkamp, author of the blog, Cooking with Vinyl featured Flowers On Mars in her recent blog, “Duet:  Glazed Strawberry Scones/Hilary Scott “Flowers On Mars” .

Becky says,

“Last December, my boyfriend and I hit a free show at a local record shop on a whim.  We didn’t know the artist; we were in it for a free beer.  I ended up loving St. Louis-based singer-songwriter Hilary Scott, who has a smooth bluesy voice that’s radio ready…I’m just hoping she gets that exposure soon.  I bought her first EP, “flowers on Mars” because 1) I liked the music and 2) she recorded it only on red vinyl-a chick who loves vinyl is a chick I love.  With running time just longer than 17 minutes, this EP can keep you entertained while making the scones (then you can play it again while you eat them!).”

Check out the entire post, along with the delicious recipe on Cooking With Vinyl

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Hilary Scott Interviewed by Tara Low of Guitar Girl Magazine

You’ll love reading Hilary Scott’s interview with Tara Low of Guitar Girl Magazine!  Tara asks Hilary a wide range of questions, covering many topics including the making of Freight Train Love, instruments she uses for songwriting, influences, experiences sharing the stage with iconic musicians such as Chuck Berry, and other fascinating topics!

Read the entire interview here:  Guitar Girl Magazine Interview with Hilary Scott

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