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Remo Ricaldone, Planet Country Italy, reviews Hilary Scott’s “Don’t Call Me Angel” and says he hopes it doesn’t become a “best kept secret”.

Planet Country Italy

Don't Call Me Angel

Remo Ricaldone, in his review (English translation) in Planet Country Italy writes,

“Hilary – in the company of her ‘tour band,’ has self-produced an inspired and vibrant album that can be placed alongside the great female voices of American song, from Carole King to Karla Bonoff, in a succession of inflections and influences ranging from country music to pop and soul. “Do not Call Me Angel” contains nine originals and a cover (a brilliant and intelligent “Kiss” that is very different from the version of the song by the singer from Minneapolis) interpreted with heart and soul by a voice whose nuances are multiple and always engaging.

It takes only a few plays to enter the world of Hilary Scott and fall in love with it, if you are sensitive to songs that have melodies full of suffering, hope and passion, perhaps not easily labeled but often moving and profound. “Do not Call Me Angel” is an important and special work, both for the family memories and for a wisdom obtained and put to service in the quality songwriting of ten songs that ask to be listened to again and again. The title track that inaugurates the album, the intimate and heartfelt “Not Used To Being Used To”, the freshness and rhythm of “You Will Be Mine”, the “Make It Right” piano and organ intertwining to make a sumptuous ballad, as well as “Heartless” reminiscent of the great Californian balladeers of the seventies (Valerie Carter above all) are among the best moments. “Unlove Story” sees Hilary Scott performing on the ukulele and invariably sprouting subtle “Caribbean” colors, “Moon And Back” is another example of balance and taste in a delicious piano ballad, “In Time” and “Here I Am” close the circle and show great humanity and ability. Hoping that it does not remain a ‘best kept secret’.”  Remo Ricaldone

For the Italian version:


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Mike Davies of reviews Hilary Scott’s new album, “Don’t Call Me Angel”


Don't Call Me Angel

Mike Davies of reviewed Hilary Scott’s new album, “Don’t Call Me Angel”, and here’s a quote from the article.  (Click on the link below to hear what else he has to say…)

“However, it’s the opening title track, a sort of emotional opposite to ‘Angel of the Morning’, that sets the seal on the album’s quality, a slow, brushed honky tonk snare brushed waltz…as she sings “I could never be your savior… just a thief doing time/When you think about me, think of me at my worst/The heroes, the martyrs, the saints, they all ended up cursed” as the number builds to a climax and a quiet farewell.

Quite simply, it’s one of the best old school Americana heartbreakers I’ve heard this year. The rest of the album’s pretty damn fine too.”

Read the full review here:  Hilary Scott Don’t Call Me Angel


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Two summer shows just announced – Pullman and Coeur d’Alene in July

Hilary Scott and AJ Gennaro

Two Summer Shows Just Announced

We return to Pullman and Coeur d’Alene in July!

July 18th – Concerts In The Park at Reaney Park, Pullman, WA

July 19th – Riverstone Summer Concert Series – Riverstone Park, Coeur d’Alene, ID

Check out SHOWS for more information

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