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Wonderful review of Kaleidoscope by Country Music News International Magazine’s Antony Bailey

Wonderful review of Kaleidoscope by Country Music News International Magazine’s Antony Bailey

Track Listing:   1.  Just A Shame; 2.  Almost Home; 3. Too Much Is Not Enough; 4. And Just; 5: Free Country


“Hilary Scott wrote an award-winning single for her husband titled ‘Kaleidoscope’ and has since released an E.P of the same title. This eclectic record takes influence from a diverse range of musical genres and transcends a variety of styles. After its initial release in 2021 with Belltown Records and Wilderside Productions. The record is still receiving many appraisals from country listeners stationed around the world.

The first track on the album is titled ‘Just A Shame’. The song begins with a strong pulse and groove that is locked in with the bass to push the tempo within the framework of a common meter. The dynamics take a slight dip to accommodate for Scott’s vocals in the first verse before increasing again for the chorus.

‘Almost Home’ is the second song to appear on the E.P. The tempo is reduced slightly as it helps to create more suspense and tension in the music. The reverb helps the vocals soar, yet it creates an eerily sobering reality combined with a sense of uncertainty that nobody knows what is just around the corner.

The next record is called ‘Too Much Is Not Enough’ and it contains soothing guitar riffs and vocal melodies with help the listener to feel a sense of enthusiasm and inspiration to be strong and keep going. ‘And Just’ commences with a deep bass line and reverb on the intimate vocal melody producing a sense of tension and uncertainty for the listener. Lyrics such as ‘’Once they don’t know who you are / Get through the day, breathe in, breathe out’’ reaffirms those thoughts.

The final track titled ‘Free Country’ lends an R’n’B musical rhythm and structure that drifts into a salsa-inspired piano melody. This E.P is ultimately a celebration of music that brings together a diverse range of musical styles and genres from the western popular music world. ‘’it’s a free country’’ is repeated throughout the chorus as the crescendo building E.P reaches its conclusion.

Be sure to download this E.P to the playlist as it is sure to add a bit more spice and flavour to the musical palette.”

Check out the review… click HERE

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Hilary Scott is included in KSPS Inland Sessions Holiday special!

Hilary Scott is included in a 60-minute special Holiday Celebration of a dozen of the Inland Northwest’s most talented musicians performing beloved Christmas classics and beautiful new originals. The special will air three times on KSPS across the Inland Northwest between now and Christmas. The dates are:  Tuesday 12/21 at 10pm  PST,  Thursday 12/23 at 12 Noon  PST, and Saturday 12/25 at 11pm PST

Watch the show direct on the KSPS Inland Sessions website:   KSPS Inland Sessions Holiday Celebration

You can also catch the show at these dates on the KSPS on-air broadcast in the station’s viewing areas, or streaming over Roku, via Passport, at KSPS Holiday Celebration, or on Youtube. Come share in the seasonal spirit of joy, family and community!

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Powderfinger Promotions reports that 73 stations are playing Kaleidoscope and 45 more have added Hilary Scott’s new album

Powderfinger Promotions

In Week 20, Powderfinger Promotions reports that Kaleidoscope has been added by 118 stations, with 11 of these stations having Kaleidoscope in Heavy or Medium rotation.  Also, at the time of the report, Kaleidoscope was #215 on the AMA album chart.  AMA reports Americana radio airplay.

If you would like to hear the tracks from Kaleidoscope being played on your favorite station, please contact them and make a request.  Here is the list of radio stations that are playing and have added Kaleidoscope:

KLCZ, Lewiston, ID
KOPN, Columbia, MO
The Clarion, Madison, WI
WRHU, Hempstead NY
KAFM, Grand Junction CO
KDNE, Crete NE
KNNN, Redding CA (NACC)
WCBN – Ann Arbor MI
WEFT, Champaign IL
WERU, E. Orlando ME  (NACC)
WPKN, Bridgeport CT
CFCR – Saskatoon SA
KANU, Lawrence KS
KBCZ, Boulder Creek, CA
KBMF, Butte, MT
KCAW, Sitka AK
KCFV, St. Louis MO
KCOD, Palm Springs, CA
KCSB, Carpentaria, CA
KCSS, Turlock, CA
KCUR, Kansas City MO
KDNK, Carbondale CA
KDUR, Durango, CO
KEUL, Girdwood AK
KFAI, Minneapolis MN
KFCE, Fresno, CA
KFJC, Los Altos Hills, CA
KFJM – Fargo ND
KGLT, Bozeman, MT
KGNU – Boulder CO
KHNS, Haines, AK
KKFI – Kansas City MO
KMNR, Rolla, MO
KMRE – Bellingham WA
KOZT – Fort Bragg CA
KRCB, Rohnert Park CA
KRFC, Fort Collins CO
KRZA, Alamosa CO
KTOO – Juneau AK
KZMU, Moab, UT
WAMU – Washington DC
WBCR-FM, Beloit WI
WBWC – Berea OH
WCDB, Albany NY
WCWP, Brookville, NY
WDCB, Glen Ellyn IL
WEGL, Auburn AL
WESN, Bloomington, IL
WETS, Johnson City TN
WFHB – Bloomington IN
WGCS – Goshen IN
WHPC – Garden City NY
WJCU, University Heights OH
WJFF, Jeffersonville NY
WMBR – Cambridge MA
WMHW, Mt. Pleasant, MI
WMKY/MSPR, Moorehead KY (JBE – AAA)
WMSC – Montclair NJ
WMWM, Salem, MA
WNHU, West Haven, CT
WNMC – Traverse City MI
WOMR, Provincetown, MA
WPSC, Wayne NJ
WQBR – Avis PA
WRIR, Richmond VA
WRIU, Kingston RI
WRKC, Wilkes-Barre PA
WSIA, Staten Island NY
WUFT – Gainsville FL
WXCI, Brookfield CT
WXDU – Durham NC
WXOJ – Florence MA
The following additional stations have added Kaleidoscope
CFUR, Prince George BC
Gimme Country, So. San Francisco, CA
KAOS, Olympia, WA
KBBI, Homer, AK
KCSU, Fort Collins, CO
KDHX – St. Louis MO
KFMG – Des Moines IA
KGLP, Gallup NM
KHOL – Jackson WY
KKNH, Largo FL
KMNO, Wailuku HI
KMUW, Wichita KS
KNCE, El Prado NM
KNON, Dallas TX
KPFT, Houston TX
KQNY, Quincy, CA
KRCL, Salt Lake City UT
KRSC, Claremore OK
KRVS, Lafayette LA
KSJD, Cortez CO
KSLU – St. Louis MO
KSQD, Santa Cruz CA
KTCU, Fort Worth TX
KTSU, Houston, TX
KUMM – Morris MN
KVMR, Nevada City, CA
KVNF, Paonia CO
KXZY, Stillwater, OK
KZFR – Chico CA
KZUM, Lincoln NE
WBFO, Buffalo NY
WCWM, Williamsburg, VA
WESU – Middletown CT
WGFR, Queensbury, NY
WHFC, Bel Air MD
WHFR, Dearborn, MI
WLNZ – Lansing MI
WLVR – Bethlehem PA
WMHB – Waterville ME
WMNE, Tampa FL
WRUV – Burlington VT
WSYC – Shippensburg PA
WUMF, Farmington, ME
WUML, Lowell MA
WUSC, Columbia SC
And these stations have Kaleidoscope in review
KAXE – Grand Rapids, MN
KNVC – Caroson City NV
KZSU – Stanford CA
Semi-Twang/KUBU – Salt Lake City, UT
WWDBX – Carbondale IL
WVOD – Nags Head NC
WXPR – Rhinelander WI


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Hilary Scott’s KSPS Inland Sessions episode airs this Monday night, November 1st at 7:30 PM Pacific Time!!!!

 Hilary Scott’s KSPS Inland Sessions episode airs this Monday night, November 1st at 7:30 PM Pacific Time!!!!

 The show will be broadcast and streamed live to viewers in the KSPS broadcast area.  For viewers all over the world – you will be able to view the show anytime starting November 1st, by clicking on either of these links:  KSPS Inland Sessions  or  YouTube

Click on photo for Hilary Scott's invitation to see the show!



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“I’m so excited to have been asked to record an episode for the Inland Sessions on KSPS

Hilary Scott reports some exciting news!

Hilary Scott writes:  “I’m so excited to have been asked to record an episode for the Inland Sessions on KSPS!  I am a HUGE fan of PBS and all public broadcasting services.  We will be recording in the Spokane studio on August 30th, and the show will air sometime November, so we will post details as we receive them.  They also keep videos up on their site as well.  They will even allow our pups to hang out in an adjacent studio so they won’t be hot while we record.”

KSPS Inland Sessions

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Essential Indie Music Women adds “Just A Shame” to their Spotify playlist


We are delighted to announce that Linda Garnett of Essential Indie Music Women added Hilary Scott’s “Just A Shame” from Kaleidoscope on July 23rd to her Indie Music Women’s SPOTIFY playlist on July 23rd.  Essential Indie Music Women is “An eclectic playlist of indie music women artists across all genres”.

You can find her Spotify playlist HERE.  Scroll down to the most recent entries.



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