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The Columbia Heart Beat – photo essay – HILARY SCOTT’S NEW MUSIC YEAR: Heart Beat reviewer hails joyful noise of Spring

 Hilary Scott’s New Music Year:  Heart Beat reviewer hails joyful noise of Spring

By Mike Martin


   The season of “the scene”

COLUMBIA, Mo 4/30/15 (Photo Essay) —  It’s the time of year music fills the air:  birds   emerging from the cold; outdoor concerts; a CoMo street fair; a troupe of traveling troubadours at a festival in Stephens Lake Park.

The celebratory sound of the Rose Music Hall unveiling a few days ago.  Children singing at Earth Day.   A crowd lining up at the Blue Note or The Bridge, for the latest band to hit town.

In honor of this Season of Joyful Noise and the traveling musicians who help make it happen, our music reviewer and editor Hilary Scott Gennaro (left) takes us on her first major journey of the new music year.

On the road to Texas with her hit new album Freight Train Love, Hilary and her band played venues around the state; took in the sights and sounds of South by Southwest (SXSW); landed a new manager; learned the amazing history of a Houston radio station repeatedly attacked by the Ku Klux Klan; and picked up new insights to share with Heart Beat readers about today’s ever-evolving music scene.

To read the full article and see the rest of the photos, click here:  The Columbia Heart Beat:  Hilary Scott’s New Music Year

30 Apr 2015

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March Touring Schedule – including SXSW

March Touring Dates!

Check out our March touring dates.  Hope to see you at a show!

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March 12th KPFT Wide Open Spaces
March 12th Anderson Fair, Houston
March 14th Shipping and Receiving, Fort Worth
March 15th Opening Bell, Dallas
March 18th Dog and Pony Show, SXSW, Opal Devine’s Penn Field
March 19th Grand Ole Austin Showcase, SXSW, Maria’s Taco Xpress
March 20th Hometone Records Showcase, SXSW, Maggie Mae’s
March 27th appearance on Fox 2 TV St. Louis
March 27th Chateau la Vin
March 28th Off Broadway St. Louis

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